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FOODBOSS. More than cold storage and transport – it’s a partnership.

Partnering with FoodBoss makes good business sense. We offer more than just storage and transport – we provide a supportive partnership with sound strategies that meet your specific business needs.

It is our quality focus, coupled with our reputation for service, wealth of knowledge and experience, that undoubtedly makes us the provider of choice for organisations across Sydney and throughout Australia. It’s no wonder we have remained the specialists in refrigerated services for temperature-sensitive products for over 60 years.

FoodBoss is a third-generation owned and run business. From the very beginning, founder Laurie Gibson set forward with a commitment to hold true to a number of principles – honesty, integrity and reliability. These principles remain ingrained in the company today and have been supported by a customer-centric focus, competitive rates and meticulous care.

This care extends to both our clients and staff – we take immense pride in our team and provide them with unwavering support. Our responsible approach to service, safety and fatigue not only ensures safety to all, but also the quality and security of your product.


An unwavering commitment to quality and client service forms the foundation of our company goals. We continue on our Mission to become the specialists in Refrigerated Logistics and Cold Storage, offering a complete logistics solution while maintaining superior customer service and leading the industry in both knowledge and best practice.


At FoodBoss, giving back to our community is fundamental to who we are.

We are all responsible for providing assistance and support where we can, and as a result we are actively involved in a diverse range of charitable activities ranging from Cancer Foundation fundraisers through to the sponsorship of local football teams.

FoodBoss proudly supports Destiny Rescue as our charity of choice. Destiny Rescue is dedicated to rescuing Australian and international children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation

We are proud partners with Destiny Rescue, our charity of choice. Destiny Rescue is a worldwide charity dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking, slavery, abuse and sexual exploitation. They provide safety, medical care, counselling and education, and work closely with every child to support their integration back into society.

FoodBoss is committed to supporting the rescue, protection and empowerment of these children, both in Australia and across the world.


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